Re: [rumori] curve of sound innovation
Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 13:42:48 PST

There is SUCH a huge difference! Brittney Spears' albums just haven't
captured my emotions the way Debbie Gibson did. They just don't make
records like they used to. That was sarcasm.

"any 18-year old pop fans on this list want to speak up?"

There probably aren't any pop fans on the list for the same reason there
aren't any rumori-ites making pop records. (Steev, I realise the question
may have been rhetorical/sarcastic) There's no interest. Your average pop
fan probably doesn't care at rat's ass about intellectual property and such
issues. And does anyone reading this list really care WHO won Album of the
Year? It's entertainment, and not very entertaining at that ;^)

My interest in pop music is on the large scale. I AM interested in the way
music continues to mutate and how the public reacts and adapts to it.
"Shock-rockers" and "Gangsta Rap" for instance are now, passe' (sp?) I
listen to the radio just to monitor public tastes and trends. Perhaps
someday, in my dreams, I'll be able to use this information to leverage my
"art," or latch on to some trend or fad. In the meanwhile, I'll work on my
own ideas.


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