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Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 13:57:33 PST

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<< any 18-year old pop fans on this list want to speak up? >>

well thanks for the invitation. but in all honesty, i can't call myself a
true pop fan. at least not of today's crap pop. Like Dan, i rather doubt
that there are any 'NSync and Christina-style "pop fans" on this list. in
any case, though, it really is a frame of reference issue. Whether or not
you 30-somethings and such can see the difference between 1996's top 40 and
today's, there is one. i mean, for cryin out loud, HOOTIE was big then.
HOOTIE! and that means a Lot to me. because Hootie sucks.
    and by the way - while i agree with the "all sounds have been made"
theory, all original Music has most surely not been. and yes, Rap is music.
Rap and hip-hop account for most of the real musical innovation in the last
decade, at least in pop music. pop-friendly hip-hop didn't even exist until
the Fugees released "The Score" in the mid90s. In the last five or so years,
top40 has grown from lists of groups like Blues Traveller, Gin Blossoms, and
of course the aforementioned Hootie to a list strewn with hiphop and rap
albums. I can almost guarantee that a comparison between pop music in 1980
and 1990 will show less of a difference than one spanning 1990 and 2000 if
one takes into account the dominance of rap, and to a lesser extent white
metalrap (aka Limp Bizkit). Music like DMX and Outkast simply did not exist
a decade ago. Those who say that pop music has stopped evolving are
forgetting that pop music has a history of either absorbing the music of
non-pop cultures, (ie, Elvis being a white man singing "colored music") or
selling out the original non-pop package (ie, DMX or Method Man, both of whom
have been known to top Billboard charts.) what the current non-pop package
is right now, i can't say. i won't even know until it hits MTV. but it
will. soon.
the next bomb will drop.
    -binder (age 18)
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