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From: Lloyd Dunn (
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 14:04:05 PST

rabbit's right.

english uses an alphabet of only 26 letters, and yet ...

see what i mean?

> >I can't prove a negative. Simply give me a "brand new" sonic element in
>>music, or a procedure to make it, and I will tell you where and when it has
>>occured in music BEFORE now as a precedent in the history of music. This
>>ridiculous argument is all about musical precedent... what music might
>>consist of that has not been part of music before. I contend there are NO
>>sonic precedents left to be achieved by modern music.
>It occurs to me that you are having us all on with this "music is dead"
>business. It is exatly the same po-mo argument critics have been making
>for the last 20 years about why ART is dead.
>Am I blowing your cover? The argument that the addition of new kinds of
>sounds integrated into music is the detertmining factor for whether or
>not music itself is new presupposes that the goal of music practice has
>been the addition of new kinds of sounds. What about the directions the
>rest of the post-1964 art world has taken? Works that embody a question
>about the role of music, or which consider new forms that can be
>considered music, for example, do not require "new" sounds to be
>integrtaed. Music went along through centuries of development without
>"new" kinds of sounds (toot, whistle, plunk, boom) without anyone
>complaining about "new" noises.
>I'm teaching this kind of stuff at a University now, so it's all in my
>mind at the moment, but for those who might care, I refer to Crowther,
>Paul, 1990 "Postmodernism in the Visual Arts: A question of ends" in R.
>Boyne and A Rattansi, eds. _Postmodernism and Society_, New York: St.
>Martin's, 1990. 237-59
>This essay pretty much puts the "Art is Dead" controversy to rest and
>probably applies to "Music is Dead" as well.
>Anyone wants me to get into ridiculous explicit details, I will; I'm that
>kind of guy.
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