Re: [rumori] re: curve of sound innovation

From: Andrew Lander (
Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 05:56:04 PST

I must join those who disagree with Don on this. It seems to me saying
"there will never be any more precedents in music, ever" is almost arrogant,
if not dangerous, in it's assumption. Forever is a very long time. We
only-on-the-first-rung-of-evolution humans know all there is to know in the
area of sound generation and organization? I don't believe it.

I don't know where this innovation will come from, but that's precisely the
point. All of history sounds to me to have been populated with people
thinking they knew it all and there was no other way it could be done. Then
something unexpected pops up. A few hundred years ago there was no category
called "electronic," so who are any of us to say no new categories will ever
be discovered? It's a very large and complex universe, and as far as I'm
concerned the river of precendent is infinite. We (myself included) are
just nearsighted.

I'd find it fascinating to hear nonhuman extraterrestrial music, but I doubt
I personally ever will. That'd be a precedent, wouldn't it?

Or does this all depend on how one defines one's categories, thus making the
whole argument just a matter of semantics?

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