[rumori] Chuck D to speak in SF

From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 16:18:19 PDT

for those of you in the san francisco area,
The SF Bay Area chapter of the EFF is having Chuck D as a
guest this friday to speak about "the challenges and
opportunities for online artists", at University of
California Hastings College of the Law.


I'll be there. maybe i'll even record it with my clandestine
field recording gear...


Steev Hise, Wannabe Has-Been
steevATdetritus.net http://detritus.net/steev
"Giving people credit for pioneering things, though, is
something of a life's mission with critics of all
persuasions. The reality is that everything is stolen from
somebody else, even the first rocks that we banged together.
And if you think of the American pioneers, weren't they also
people who travelled great distances, at great risk, to
steal land from someone else?"
                -Eugene Chadbourne

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