Re: [rumori] Detritus radio - technical specs

From: Steev Hise (
Date: Sat Apr 14 2001 - 10:07:50 PDT

13 Apr 2001 found Every Man writing:

>Steev, this sounds like a really cool idea. I have quite
>a bit of material I could send you, but probably will
>have to do it via CDR, since AT&T bought out my DSL
>provider. Any particular format you prefer? 256 mp3
>acceptable? Or .wav and leave the conversions up to you?

ok this is for everyone:

I would prefer mp3 files, fully tagged. They should be
44.1kHz, 16 bit, and make them at least 128kbps, but 256
would be even better. I will probably re-encode to a lower
rate for streaming but i'm not sure yet what rate i'll use
for the stream. probably 48 or 64. If they're not tagged it
will be somewhat less likely that i'll use them because i'll
have to ask you for the info and then tag them myself.

you can send these via email if the files are not too large
(under 6 megs or so) or you can snail-mail me CDRs.
address: 2309 bryant street, sf, ca 94110

later i will probably have some kind of web-upload form too.
if you email them, don't send a lot. send your best and if i
like it i'll ask for more.



Steev Hise, Subversive Radical Hippy Hacker
"A culture is a tissue of exceptions, whose incoherence goes
unnoticed by those involved in it."

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