[rumori] April 20, Grand Opening - RECORD STORE

From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 13:16:34 PDT

Grand Opening,
Friday, April 20, 2001 12pm
Reception with DJ's at 7pm

Nevermind Napster, here comes the RECORD STORE!

It's a store, it's a co-op, it's a community, it's music you've probably
never heard before compiled on private label compact discs for the sake of
music, not capitalism.

It's RECORD STORE, http://www.southtothefuture.com, and it's the best
thing to happen to the experience of music since Napster. (This is a press

Located at 2309 Bryant street, in the somewhat hip Mission District of San
Francisco, California, the RECORD STORE is an actual music store though it
offers no packaging, no Rolling Stone reviews, no buzz. Instead, it
features for sale five new compact discs every month, all priced at $5 and
accompanied by a return policy that promises you credit towards your next
RECORD STORE purchase. Store hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 4pm
through 7pm.

Each RECORD STORE CD has been compiled by a who's who list of music lovers
on the condition of their anonymity. Packaged in a stark minimalist
design, RECORD STORE music cd's are sold without the benefit (or baggage)
of track listings. In fact, you have no idea what artists or songs will be
on any CD for sale at RECORD STORE. Instead, a unique ID number is printed
upon each disc which then allows the listener at home to access a Webpage
wherein the contents of their compilation are slowly revealed over the
course of two weeks.

Mystery and music from every genre make the RECORD STORE experience unique
and a breath of fresh air in a society where music (something you hear and
feel) is increasingly being defined by things you see and read
(advertising, commercial radio, snobby reviews). At the RECORD STORE, all
you get is the music: imported, new and classic. If you like what you
hear, you can eventually buy more. There's no obligation, no membership
fees and you can cancel at any time. (This is ironic pastiche.)

>From the latest in edgy electronics to classic R&B, from Japanese pop to
Argentinian new wave, fom African salsa to Canadian bedroom house music,
RECORD STORE cd's are curated for the maximum listening pleasure of anyone
who has ever liked hearing music, no questions asked and no assumptions
made. Serendipity: the fresh innocence of the unexpected. That's a RECORD
STORE guarantee. Along with $5 cd's.

RECORD STORE is a record store housed at South to the Future
and featuring the musical selections of dozens of Bay Area
music devotees. For more information about record store,
email recordstoreATsouthtothefuture.com or call 415.282.6001.
RECORD STORE is located at 2309 Bryant St, San Francisco,
CA, 94110. It is 50 feet south from the intersection of
Bryant and 21st street. RECORD STORE hours are Wednesday
through Saturday, 4pm through 7pm. The RECORD STORE GRAND
OPENING will be FRIDAY, APRIL 20 at 7pm.

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Steev Hise, Automagickal Adept
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"Them as has, gits."
                -Southern saying

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