[rumori] Tue 4/17:Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza:11pm live WFMU

From: Ken (kenzoATfree-music.com)
Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 22:13:16 PDT

How: This Tuesday night April 17,
Who: for some 90 minutes between 11pm and 2am Eastern (probably 11pm - 12:30am),
When: feel the painful euphoria of
Where: Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza,
What: live on WFMU,
Which: FM radio around NYC area (91.1)
Via: and Hudson Valley above NYC (90.1),
Through: internet streaming everywhere else (http://free-music.com/ken/extrav/)


Input + Output = Input

A completely improvised sonic mess of carefully planned rhythmic noises randomly hurled about with the meticulous precision of years of failing to practice resulting in complete silence.

Pre-existing audio memories awaken, disruption of eardrum expectations occurs, new patterns are burned, consent is not required.

Featuring such elements as you, the participant, calling in during show at 201-200-9368 with useful, related and disjoint sound contributions. (Warning: May contain unrecognizable traces of top 40 80's music.)

Guaranteed to drive the listener anywhere between complete insanity and total indifference.

How to listen to show:
0) Be ready by 11pm ET on Tuesday night
0.5) Turn off everything else
1) Around NYC and vicinity, tune FM stereo radio to 91.1
2) In fabled Hudson Valley region above NYC, tune FM stereo radio to 90.1
3) Elsewhere, use internet streaming of various types, best quality listed first:
3a) High bandwidth stereo MP3 streaming, for those connecting with things much faster than modems
3b) Modem-speed MP3 streaming
3c) Modem-speed Windows Media Player streaming
3d) Modem-speed RealAudio streaming (last resort)
--> All live streaming links will be listed at http://free-music.com/ken/extrav/ by the day of the broadcast

How to listen to shows that already happened:
- A small handful of shows are online in low-fidelity splendor. See http://free-music.com/ken/extrav/audio/
- The other 244 shows from the past 7+ years are available on CD. See http://free-music.com/ken/extrav/
- Can't decide? Get the CD currently in mass production: "Elsewhere", show #238. Email kenzoATfree-music.com
- Read textual accounts of past shows, then manually reconstruct audio based on transcripts.
- Note to those who attended or listened to recent Williamsburg and Jersey City shows: These shows will be available on CD soon.

Or spend hours reading descriptions of past 639 hours of the experiment.

Warning: Talking may occur.
Caution: Live phone calls to 201-200-9368 may be aired.
Attention: No advance claims about content of Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza should be considered.
Note: You won't receive any additional announcements if you send me the names of your three favorite organic vegetables.

Reminder: Tuesday April 17, 11pm-12:30am Eastern, or possibly sometime through 2am
Redundant: WFMU 91.1 FM, 90.1 FM, internet via http://free-music.com/ken/extrav/
Thanks: $mall Change

% Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza
% http://free-music.com/ken/extrav/
% kenzoATfree-music.com
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