[rumori] PLUNDERPHONICS Message from John Oswald

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Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 17:26:55 PDT

Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 20:01:30 -0800
From: alma orland-clue <a.clueATpfony.com>
Organization: fony records
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Subject: PLUNDERPHONICS Message from John Oswald

The Project has been Stolen!

The bad news is that my record label FONY will not be releasing the 69
PLUNDERPHONICS 96 box set after all. We've been unable to secure certain
key licensing deals. Rather than put out an emasculated version of the
set, we've decided not to publish it at all.

The good news is that my associates in Negativland, upon hearing of my
decision, have decided to liberate (or steal, depending on your point of
view) the complete package, and release it on their label Seeland.
Several months ago we sent them test pressings and PDFs of the text and
art for their perusal, and they will be using these materials, which are
digitally perfect replications of the masters, for manufacturing.

Since the new release plans do not entail licensing fees, the suggested
retail list price will, according to Negativland, plummet to one-third
of our originally projected list price - the new retail list is $33.33
USD. Negativland has made good on their promise that the box set will
not be changed or compromised in any other way. The package looks great.

I am happy to do nothing to prevent them from following through with
this scheme. Get it while you can!

: John Oswald
via alma orland-clue
press secretary, fony records

fony records : box 7 station P toronto ontario canada M5S 2S6
http://www.pfony.com : telefone 416.588.8183 : facsimile 416.588.9973

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