Re: [rumori] PLUNDERPHONICS Message from John Oswald

From: Don Joyce (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 07:46:24 PDT

In reference to the Plunderphonics box: Negativland has taken several steps
to insure that our release of this monumental work will not be hindered. We
have closed our formally undefendable mailorder box and moved it to Olympia
(P.O. Box 7218, Olympia, Wa. 98507) where we are now able to guard it with
private security. NO registered mail will be allowed to be dropped into
this box (DON"T attempt to contact us via registered mail!) and if they
figure out they need to use normal mail, we'll simply deny we ever got it.
To further protect our wrongly deligitimized art endeavors, all of
Seeland/Negativland has temporarily moved into alternative live/work
facilities at least until this product is out and on the shelves. Do not
contact us at our former addresses as we wont be there. We have already
retained what you might call a cadre of local renegade lawyers who are
ready and willing to immediately thwart any cease and desist orders, should
they actually get through to us. On the show business front, we have
already lined up several potential appearances (open invitations) on both
network radio and national TV should this work be legally contested. A
Billboard Magazine guest commentary awaits us anytime we care to use it.
Three major law firms on both coasts have already agreed to help defend
this work pro-bono in court should it become necessary. The Canadian Music
Historical Society has collected a dozen or more music critics and art
authorities who have agreed to be expert witnesses for us in court, should
they be needed. If the owners of the sources used in this work persist in
any attempt to sink this highly original work of art, and are somehow able
to find and contact us, we reserve the option of moving the entire
distribution of Plunderphonics off shore where it can float free until it
reaches the culture-wide saturation it deserves. We, at Seeland, have
dedicated all our immediate futures to getting this project out and KEEPING
it out. We are perfectly willing to endure these and even more physical
hardships for as long as it takes to spread this art appropriately. We
believe we have most of our bases covered, but don't be concerned if you
can no longer contact us for a while, we're still here but we're just not
saying where here is.


>Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 20:01:30 -0800
>From: alma orland-clue <>
>Organization: fony records
>X-Accept-Language: en
>Subject: PLUNDERPHONICS Message from John Oswald
>The Project has been Stolen!
>The bad news is that my record label FONY will not be releasing the 69
>PLUNDERPHONICS 96 box set after all. We've been unable to secure certain
>key licensing deals. Rather than put out an emasculated version of the
>set, we've decided not to publish it at all.
>The good news is that my associates in Negativland, upon hearing of my
>decision, have decided to liberate (or steal, depending on your point of
>view) the complete package, and release it on their label Seeland.
>Several months ago we sent them test pressings and PDFs of the text and
>art for their perusal, and they will be using these materials, which are
>digitally perfect replications of the masters, for manufacturing.
>Since the new release plans do not entail licensing fees, the suggested
>retail list price will, according to Negativland, plummet to one-third
>of our originally projected list price - the new retail list is $33.33
>USD. Negativland has made good on their promise that the box set will
>not be changed or compromised in any other way. The package looks great.
>I am happy to do nothing to prevent them from following through with
>this scheme. Get it while you can!
>: John Oswald
>via alma orland-clue
>press secretary, fony records
>fony records : box 7 station P toronto ontario canada M5S 2S6
> : telefone 416.588.8183 : facsimile 416.588.9973
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