[rumori] Anticipating the Worst: was PLUNDERPHONICS Message from John Oswald

Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 20:09:54 PDT

Hearing what's been gone through, I am under the impression that i'll probably
never see this release, I guess to get the best chances here are my guesses of
how to go about getting a chance.

A. Getting it at a store. (holding it in your hands is what counts here
folks, i'm a consumer whore i'm a consumer whore) On release day is it
already in stores? (Is there a release day yet? will it be publicly announce
ahead of time or day of) If it is does seeland/mordam have a list of stores
which distribute their products, so we can wait outside those stores. how
about making it a midnight sale release! this is just as important as a star
wars movie.

B. Ordering it from http://negativland.com/nmol/seeland.html. If purchased
before the release date would it be shipped day of release? Can this be
stopped by outside forces.

Online places which acknowledge the sale of 69 Plunderphonics 96

strange but http://www.mordam.com/ doesn't have it listed yet.

Any other methods?
Peter A Lopez

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