[rumori] performance cassette players - do they exist?

From: matt davignon (mattdavignonAThotmail.com)
Date: Sun Apr 22 2001 - 18:19:38 PDT

Hey everyone,

I'm fantasizing about getting something like a cassette player specifically
engineered for live musical performance. Does something like this exist?
These days, there are performance turntables (Technics SL-2100) and a
multitude of performance CD players and samplers. How about tape? Any
equipment tweakers/builders on this list?

I'd be looking for something with some or more of the following features:

1) Variable speed: Something like an analog pitch wheel that can make the
tape travel anywhere between half and double speed.

2) Instant reverse: The ability to instantly be able to switch something
from forward to reverse and back again. (Instantly as in I wouldn't have to
remove the tape to flip it over. It's okay if there's a minute pause or
pitch bend as the tape changes directions.) This would be independent from:

3) Instant tape flipping ability: As in what you have in most car stereos.

4) Both a locking and a non-locking pause button: A locking pause button
would be what you're used to seeing in a normal tape deck. A non-locking
pause button would be one that you have to keep holding down for the tape to
remain paused.

5) Live cueing, rewinding ability: Like on a hand held tape recorder. If you
press rewind while play is down, you hear that chirpy sound. If you hit
rewind alone, it just rewinds.

6) Sliders for volume and panning. Preferably mounted on top of the thing
for easy use. Sliders win more points than knobs. The panning knob wouldn't
necessarily be panning the output of the device, but panning which channel
of the tape the input signal is picked up from.

Not as important:
1) Mechanical (not electronic) tape transport buttons: These are the most
common tape player control buttons. The kind where when you press play, the
play button remains down. This would be opposed to digital controls, which
have less moving parts and are supposed to last longer. I just prefer the
mechanical ones.

2) Top mounted controls (for ease of use)

3) 4 channels!! (Okay, this is just letting fantasy play too much here.)
Wouldn't it be great to have the option of playing the front and back of a
tape at the same time? Or to use tapes recorded in a 4-track?

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