Re: [rumori] performance cassette players - do they exist?
Date: Sun Apr 22 2001 - 18:48:52 PDT

<< I'd be looking for something with some or more of the following features:

    I just found something like this at a garage sale but I haven't really
had to time to play with it yet. Apparently cassette decks with some of the
functions you are looking for are available in the form of a transcriber..
The one I found is made by Panasonic, and the only model name I can find on
it is "standard cassette transcriber".

    So it's designed for transcription, not performance, and it doesn't cover
many of the things on your wish list - but it does have a few features that
would be helpful. It has a variable speed control with a slider, an instant
replay-type rewind function (controlled by foot pedals!), and another slider
for the adjustable "variable speech control".

    I would assume somebody is still making things like this. At the garage
sale where I picked it up, they were also selling one made for micro-cassette
tapes as well.

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