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From: Don Joyce (djATwebbnet.com)
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 01:41:12 PDT

"1. Surveys of radio performances are used as surrogates for performances in
establishments because our sampling experts tell us that, for the most part,
what's played on radio is what's played in most venues"

Can you believe this? "Our sampling EXPERTS!" God forbid some form of
individual taste or independent recorded music should emerge in some
establishment out there across this entire land. Such stuff CAN NEVER
benefit from any such breakthrough by being compensated. On WHAT station is
the Duke Ellington regailing our 40s soda shop being represented enough to
even register?! The Duke's estate WILL NOT BE PAID A CENT of that $300
bill! Instead, Brittany Spears will get it! Goddam this to HELL! This is
even more stupid than I thought! ABSOLUTELY STUPID! I bet you $300 that the
establishments ARE NOT told that this is the billing basis. If I was a
music using establishment, I would NOT PAY and COUNTER SUE these
presumptuous bastards for lack of representation, especially if I had
enough taste to be playing more than the cliched, payola propelled crap
radio is forever hooked on. Taxation without representation! This is enough
to get me out of the woods and back on the warpath!

The fate of sound system music compensation is in the hands of FOOLS. They
have NO INTENTION of doing this accurately whatsoever because they have NO
ABILITY to do so. "Experts" indeed! A cozy club of grifters ALL! And look
how long it took for THIS fact to emerge in this endless thread? Of course,
IT'S DOWNRIGHT EMBARRASSING, isn't it! The more illicit the money at stake,
the more secret the mechanisms used to steal it. This is an insane formula
for pure robbery and the less you know about it the better. Serving artists
by billing establishments is BULLSHIT! When billing bears as little
relationship to what is being billed as this, you have no right to bill. If
you can't do it anything like fair, DON'T DO IT AT ALL.

>>Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 17:59:47 -0500 (CDT)
>>From: "Brandon K. Wiley" <cybATazrael.dyn.cheapnet.net>
>> > > ASCAP represents more that 110,000 songwriters, composers and music
>> > > publishers. We collect and distribute fees when their music is
>> > > played in public places, including on the radio, on TV, in bars,
>> > > restaurants, concert halls, shopping centers, skating rinks,
>> > > elevators, you name it.
>> >
>> > But that's not all! ASCAP collects fees when a radio station buys a
>> > record! ASCAP collects fees when the radio station plays the record!
>> > ASCAP collects fees when that radio broadcast is played in a
>> > restaurant!
>>Who exactly do all of these fees go to? Surely they don't have someone
>>sitting there so that when they play an Aimee Mann song in a bar, Aimee
>>Mann gets a nickel.<
>To quote a previous message from Dean Kay:
>Because it is impossible to assertion every performance of every song in
>thousands upon thousand of retail establishments across the United States,
>pays its writer and publisher members for their performance in these venues in
>two ways:
>1. Surveys of radio performances are used as surrogates for performances in
>establishments because our sampling experts tell us that, for the most part,
>what's played on radio is what's played in most venues
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