[rumori] Re: pho: Re: no fun allowed

From: Don Joyce (djATwebbnet.com)
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 23:39:07 PDT

Nobody is keeping any exact track of anything at all. As in radio play, it
all devolves into statistical analysis formulas and utterly forged
"playlists," a chore that begs for casual neglect and after the fact
confabulation, the results thus becoming less and less accurate the
more you try to focus in on specifics. God knows how they divy up the gold
they extract with only this hokum to go by, but you can bet it has only a
passing relationship with what actually happened. And no one can prove it
does or doesn't. Silly, isn't it?

If you think this is bad, you should see how Neilson rating families
ACTUALLY fill out their "books," which actually end up SPECIFICALLY
DETERMINING the cost of national TV time! Now we're talking BIG money! If
corporate capitalism ever renounces its unabashed faith in self-induced
delusionistic shamanism, our entire cotten candy economy will disolve.

I'm now using a laptop at a campfire that happens to be unregistered with
ASCAP, but I'm still not going to tell you what I'm singing because I
didn't bring any money with me and you can't be too safe these days... I
wonder if the woods are miked? Nah, they couldn't do THAT, could they?


>> > ASCAP represents more that 110,000 songwriters, composers and music
>> > publishers. We collect and distribute fees when their music is
>> > played in public places, including on the radio, on TV, in bars,
>> > restaurants, concert halls, shopping centers, skating rinks,
>> > elevators, you name it.
>> But that's not all! ASCAP collects fees when a radio station buys a
>> record! ASCAP collects fees when the radio station plays the record!
>> ASCAP collects fees when that radio broadcast is played in a
>> restaurant!
>Who exactly do all of these fees go to? Surely they don't have someone
>sitting there so that when they play an Aimee Mann song in a bar, Aimee
>Mann gets a nickel.
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