[rumori] Re: pho: Re: Re: no fun allowed

From: Don Joyce (djATwebbnet.com)
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 20:38:59 PDT

That's LIVE music and musicians in 1914, Bill, a different animal, actually
requiring food (though they probably enjoyed free food at the gigs too.)
And don't tell me recording artists' need food too, cause we both know none
of them are individually making enough off your annoying little restaurant
scam to buy even one good meal in a decent restaurant per month. But with
just a few cents off the top of ALL of it, ASCAP IS! Glad to hear your
accounting is up to snuff, I knew it would be.

If ASCAP is giving so much more back to the scouts than it's getting due to
the God Bess America royalties, pray tell what is the point in the $1.00
per year charge? I bet some lawyer (this time) told you you had to or
technically leave yourself open to other such possible "abuses," right?

Ever think of over riding your own lawyer because common human sense says
kids should be allowed to sing anything they feel like around a campfire
Sure the cost is tokenism, it's the system-wide COMMITMENT to stingy-minded
foolishness that bothers me. See how a strict adherance to legalism's
nit-picking can twist us AWAY from common sense itself? Now get your
accountants to multiply, and before you know it we are advocating
widespread insanity at any cost!

The amounts are not the main problem with your uninvited intrusions into
our culture. The heart of what music is to us is the point. You're still
in that elevator, Bill, music's still playing... I should have made it "God
Bless America" that's stuck repeating - you know, might as well support the
Boy Scouts while we're at it.


>Dear Don:
>For the record, ASCAP was founded by a group of songwriters as a result of
>music being played in restaurants in 1914. Accountants had nothing to do
>with it, and never did. We do have some good ones on staff however.
>The ASCAP music license charge for a Girl Scout camp is $1.00 per camp per
>summer. That is per camp, not per camper.
>Irving Berlin, one of the founding members of ASCAP, donated the royalties
>to "God Bless America" to the Boy Scouts many years ago, so I think that
>Scouting does OK by ASCAP.
>Best regards,
>Bill Thomas

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