[rumori] Re: pho: Re: no fun allowed

From: Don Joyce (djATwebbnet.com)
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 19:25:11 PDT

Well yeah, that just solves everything doesn't it? Except perhaps a
preservation of the human DESIRE to relate to their own culture on some
basis, ANY basis other than the monetary profit it's providing to someone.
But hey, I don't think THAT matters much, do you? Who's going to notice?
Drink up and let's find another place, the music stinks in here.

Oblivious or not, Bill, your antics are CREATING an environmet for us and
for EVERY availability to music which we ALL (all the ones NOT profiting
from ANY of this!) must live with. There may be qualities of our WHOLE
mutual life together that are more important than collecting every penny
you can from everybody at all times. Just because you can doesn't mean you
should. Just because they can turn it off doesn't mean they should. That is
the humane philosophy of voluntary mutual nourishment ENTIRELY missing from
ASCAP'S cultural game plan. Perhaps if you can end up driving through it
all in a nice enough car, it wont matter so much... Great sound system in
there too....

If I can't inspire you with the nature of music, I can just as easily
torture you with it. May you be stuck in a stalled elevator with the 101
Strings version of "Yesterday" also stuck on repeat forever. And every time
it plays, you get 2 cents. If you get out, the music will stop playing.
Now, do you want to get out or don't you?


>Dear Don:
>I understand that you are not happy about the fees that ASCAP is proposing
>to charge the restaurant for the use of our members' music. If you
>honestly feel that the music has no value, please just turn it off. Not a
>smart answer; I am just following your comments to their logical
>Having no music (or just publicdomain music) is a fine solution.
>Best regards,
>Bill Thomas

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