Re: [rumori] Out of the Art

From: Chris Ball (
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 17:51:04 PDT

Emoney where my Emouth is?

Music: Personally, (I can't speak for Wobbly!) I have been unpracticing to
the point of becoming 40 years behind in only 10 years of study, *** ask me
how! *** and I have certainly been kicked right off the field of imbecilism
by a guest on your show, the evidence was just handed to me, there it is in
bright bold type, I have indeed lost the farm to the marauding hordes,
they'll destroy everything that I've worked so hard to destroy and sign.

No talent, no schtick, no niche, sigh, it's just rumori posting for me

You've been a great crowd, good night
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> You thank for agreeing me with you. now just add music and got have you
> DJ

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