[rumori] radio radio

From: Jose E. Roman (ylang02ATyahoo.com)
Date: Tue May 15 2001 - 18:27:35 PDT

As a producer/DJ in college, public radio and now on
the 'net, I can tell you there's always someone
listening. Whether they make themselves known, that's
another story.

I need some help regarding the controversy surrounding
DECSS and streaming video. If someone is able to
advise me regarding some questions I have, feel free
to contact me through the list or off-line. I know
this is a very delicate subject and I'll handle it
discreetly, but need some opinions and advice on the

Thanks for the info and discussions of the list. Feel
free to visit my places below and send any
opinions/feedback/deathtreats to my address.

this is my webpage http://www.virtue.nu/rojoynegro
this is my icq number 7925591
this is my fax (630) 563-1812
any questions?

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