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From: Chris Ball (
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 18:04:21 PDT

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>I think that you can make a cover version of your take on things.
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>>I think there is a fine line between when I stop thinking
>>about the validity of doing, and when I start
>>cutting it all together...
>>it could be said that it makes it,
>>since it is.
>>I question the validity of everything
>>that I made by sampling things
>>in a covert art.
>>I've done whole coversions,
>>and cutting, it could be said that it makes it mine at that point because
I did
>>> something >.
>>They cowered at it because they were adding
>>different contexts along the same trail.
>Although it was soon afterwards, they began releasing the first British
I don't want to be released! Hahaha! I like it here! Where is that

>>> >>-----------------------------------------------------------------
>>> >>"Its worth working for someone else's vision. Why
>>> >>spend your life on music of your own?"
>>> >> -Orson OrWelles
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>Sorry about the duplicated postings!

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