Re: [rumori] the simple and post-modern

From: Chris Ball (
Date: Fri Jun 01 2001 - 11:41:40 PDT

> My questioning was directed more at what constitutes "art" in a particular
> situation.
That's a good definition of the grey area we know and love.

> I was wondering what separates a true copy from being art or craft. I
> believe that they are the same thing. Art requires craft; craft does not
> require art. In the case of a true copy, the artfulness comes from the
> subtext, not the actual content, of the piece.
Probably true of the original, too.

> I was also wondering about ownership. If my copy is flawless, what makes
> truly mine?
Its flaws, mostly.

Perhaps if we include the execution of the process of showing, you know, how
it's displayed and when, in our definition of an Art object, then we can see
the situationism more clearly, and help resolve the copy/original schema.

I'm having some difficulty seeing what an "original" is at this time.

Mainly it seems like a vulnerable thing that the "art world(?)" thinks is
worth more, and works hard to protect.
I remember reading about somebody listing the steps they take to make
sculptures and the last steps included breaking the molds. I think that's
about greed, so that loops into the art currency/art money idea again.

But for all intents and purposes, it's impossible to "break the mold"
anymore - even three-d work can be "sampled" with those texture-mapper
devices. Of course, it all shows up much earlier with Mass Media. But
yeah, it's still Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction all over again,
too bad Walter Benjamin isn't around, and I have to get a copy of that Copy
Culture book to see what's become of those echoes these days. Oh dear I've
fallen into the Great Man fallacy.

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