[rumori] Hello, meet Wayne Butane. Hello, meet William Shatner.

From: The Evolution Control Committee (eccATpobox.com)
Date: Sat Aug 04 2001 - 18:27:46 PDT

     I uploaded these last week (or before?) and have been so busy I've not
had the chance to inform everyone 'til now. Chekkitout:

     WAYNE BUTANE is something that everyone on this list should thoroughly
enjoy, if nothing else for the sheer effort that is spent to make the
finished product. Picture a plunder artist who is a stand-up comic and the
rough result is Wayne Butane: linear cut-ups meshing X-rated black comedy,
kids records, Casey Kasem, and "Johnny Mathis". Sure, the jokes are
sophomoric. Sure, some of the samples and combinations get repeated. It's
still relentless and (c'mon, give into it) hilarious.
     I asked Wayne what his rules are with posting these MP3s, and he told
me that the Rumori crowd gets full access because, face it, you're peers
and you'll dig it the most. However, please DON'T trade these wholesale...
please, order full copies from him. Contact info
(http://www.flamingcanine.com/) is in the ID3 tags for each MP3. It is
permissible to open offer 5 minute excerpts (your choice) to anyone and
     And now... the address please:


     Yes, they're huge, and I'm almost sad to say that the very longest
ones are the best. "Meat Cannon" is his latest (and the longest at 70 megs)
and I recommend starting there. The older release are shorter because
they're divided into side 1 and 2.

     WILLIAM SHATNER, the ham even a vegetarian can like, has a deep dark
secret. As many know, he is best known for his over-acting style as Star
Trek's Captain Kirk, but somewhere after the last episode his over-acting
abilities mushroomed. They culminated at the televised 1978 Science Fiction
Awards, where his rendition of Elton John's "Rocket Man" somehow resulted
in applause. And, luckily, a video recording.

(44.3 megs)

     Believe me, it's worth it.

- Mark G.

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