Re: [rumori] Hello, meet Wayne Butane.

From: Every Man (
Date: Sat Aug 04 2001 - 18:48:16 PDT

Mark, you forgot the link to the mp3's:

I hope you don't mind, but I plugged this link on Snuggles,
where I think he'll get a lot more feedback.

At 09:27 PM 8/4/2001 -0400, you wrote:
> I uploaded these last week (or before?) and have been so busy I've
> not had the chance to inform everyone 'til now. Chekkitout:
> WAYNE BUTANE is something that everyone on this list should
> thoroughly enjoy, if nothing else for the sheer effort that is spent to
> make the finished product. Picture a plunder artist who is a stand-up
> comic and the rough result is Wayne Butane: linear cut-ups meshing
> X-rated black comedy, kids records, Casey Kasem, and "Johnny Mathis".
> Sure, the jokes are sophomoric. Sure, some of the samples and
> combinations get repeated. It's still relentless and (c'mon, give into
> it) hilarious.
> I asked Wayne what his rules are with posting these MP3s, and he told
> me that the Rumori crowd gets full access because, face it, you're peers
> and you'll dig it the most. However, please DON'T trade these
> wholesale... please, order full copies from him. Contact info
> ( is in the ID3 tags for each MP3. It is
> permissible to open offer 5 minute excerpts (your choice) to anyone and
> everyone.
> And now... the address please:
> Yes, they're huge, and I'm almost sad to say that the very longest
> ones are the best. "Meat Cannon" is his latest (and the longest at 70
> megs) and I recommend starting there. The older release are shorter
> because they're divided into side 1 and 2.
> WILLIAM SHATNER, the ham even a vegetarian can like, has a deep dark
> secret. As many know, he is best known for his over-acting style as Star
> Trek's Captain Kirk, but somewhere after the last episode his over-acting
> abilities mushroomed. They culminated at the televised 1978 Science
> Fiction Awards, where his rendition of Elton John's "Rocket Man" somehow
> resulted in applause. And, luckily, a video recording.
>(44.3 megs)
> Believe me, it's worth it.
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