Re: [rumori] self promotion (was Chopping Channel 2nd Live Appearance)

From: Steev Hise (
Date: Fri Sep 07 2001 - 12:27:11 PDT

Fri, 7 Sep 2001 found illegal art writing:

>i can't speak for the people involved.. but not only is self promotion
>embarrassing, but it gives a feeling of desperation.
>how is that corporations can improve their image through promotion yet for
>the independent artist it gives off a foul odor? or is that just my
>perception? maybe i just know too many mediocre artists who are really
>good at promoting themselves.

 you may be confusing promotion with hype. I certainly know
lots of artists myself who overhype themselves or are
overhyped by organizations that present/distribute their
work, but I also know many who do excellent work that i'd
like to know about but never do in time because they're too
shy to tell anyone. I see nothing wrong with artists just
announcing discreetly that they're doing something, if it's
in a relevant context. Are you saying any form of
information that comes directly from the artist connotes

I think it's all in how you do it. If it's too often, too
cheesy, or too full of hyperbole, then there's a problem,
but i can't object to simply announcing your activities to
those who are very likely interested.

I don't see a difference with corporate promotion either,
other than perhaps degree. If you see enough televsion
commercials that greenwash Exxon, some people who don't know
any better may start to believe Exxon cares about the
environment, just as seeing enough PR for an artist might
lead some to think there's some merit to his/her work. But
in both cases if one is aware of the truth, the promotional
materials do nothing but rub salt in a wound.

What if you ran into the artist on the street and you loved
their work, but hadn't talked to them in awhile and they
were having a show that night? wouldnt you want them to tell
you about it? or does that feel like desparation too?

I consider this list to be the telemediated, next best
thing to running into a fellow artist on the street in your
village and inviting him to a sing-a-long. And if you don't
tell me about your event, I may wonder why you didnt want me
to know about it. don't like me? ashamed of your own work?


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