Re: [rumori] self promotion (was Chopping Channel 2nd Live Appearance)

From: illegal art (
Date: Fri Sep 07 2001 - 13:56:10 PDT

>in a relevant context. Are you saying any form of
>information that comes directly from the artist connotes

no. i was mainly saying that as an artist i see other artists overdo it
and my reaction is to then become "shy" as you say in an effort to avoid
the connatations of the self-hyping artist.

> And if you don't
>tell me about your event, I may wonder why you didnt want me
>to know about it. don't like me? ashamed of your own work?

yeah. i can't even get a regular flow of information from some artists on
illegal art. this is what i'm referring to. generally the best artists
stay quiet, out of the way, and just do their art. it is unfortunate, of
course, because the spotlight is occupied by artists who know more about
marketing themselves and applying for funding than making art.

i'm not saying that this is a good model... i'm attempting to question it
and as a "curator" try to correct it by endorsing artists whose work is
more attractive than their bio.

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