[rumori] enjoyable Charles Hayward

From: Jon Leidecker (wobblyATdetritus.net)
Date: Sun Sep 09 2001 - 18:58:31 PDT

my favorite moment from the interview with Charles Hayward in the latest
issue of The Sound Projector:

CH: I mean that's a LIFE, we're talking about! It's a fucking LIFE!
It's not some sign of equal value to - Jesus, it makes me so fucking ANGRY!
It makes me so angry, it's unbelievable!

EP: Because it's so easy to sample records...

CH: (shouting) Because it just appropriates some guy's fucking STORY!!
It's just SCANDALOUS, actually!! It's absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!! [they think]
'I bet we can get the bastard back... he told the truth... let's make his
truth in this sea of bullshit, with his sound all over it! And then let
the people try and find out which is the truth and which is the bullshit!
let's completely flood it with him!' Meaningless -- just re-jigged up to
the fucking sequencers - stick it on this, stick it on that. Oh, it makes
me want to just fucking DIE!! That whole thing of taking peoples' sounds,
and seeing it as an equal sign to all other signs, like it's some fucking
Walt Disney logo! Makes me fucking sick! I think the culture's going up
the spout, when it thinks that's a way of doing things! You know...
(sarcastically) 'he's a really heavy musician, he does some really heavy
shopping down in those second-hand record shops down in Kingston, he goes
there looking in those boxes, and he comes back sometimes with this real
easy-listening shit, and he listens to it and he finds the horn riff that's
really good! Oh! What an intrepid explorer!' Culture as a mirror of
shopping! Right the way down the line! The consumer experience at the
centre of the creative practice! It makes me SICK!! Sorry to shout.

he's right you know


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