Re: [rumori] enjoyable Charles Hayward

From: illegal art (
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 06:28:15 PDT

>(sarcastically) 'he's a really heavy musician, he does some really heavy
>shopping down in those second-hand record shops down in Kingston, he goes
>there looking in those boxes, and he comes back sometimes with this real
>easy-listening shit, and he listens to it and he finds the horn riff that's
>really good! Oh! What an intrepid explorer!' Culture as a mirror of
>shopping! Right the way down the line! The consumer experience at the
>centre of the creative practice! It makes me SICK!! Sorry to shout.
>he's right you know

but how many people actually put that much effort into finding samples? my
general approach is to just interact with what is already staring at me...
i personally don't go on shopping sprees to find samples. ok, maybe if i
have an idea and i really need a certain recording that i don't already
have i might download or borrow it or...

but i'm curious, do others spend countless hours searching for sounds?

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