Re: [rumori] enjoyable Charles Hayward

From: Vicki Bennett (
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 06:57:05 PDT


I don't think I've bought a record in over a year. People always
romanticise that people like me must be constantly crawling around
musty old carpet floors in junk shop basements, but I find it a bit
tiring and feel like I'm going to keel over when I stand up, ha ha.
That's what other people do, then they send it to me, mmm thanks very
much. Being a solo artist it is my way of interacting with others -
they give me what to use. Loads of people think I splice tape too.
Never spliced a piece of tape in my life. Once again buying into
romanticism, ah yes, the artist who constantly scours for detritus,
it's a load of crap. However I did spend countless months on
napster, and a lot of what I downloaded I did sample from until I got
fed up with the poor quality fidelity and then napster started
blocking the music that I was after. Also I noticed that I was
spending my whole time looking for things rather than doing something
with the piles of what I already had. In the end it was a hobby, a
habit - collecting things I really had little use for.


>but how many people actually put that much effort into finding samples? my
>general approach is to just interact with what is already staring at me...
>i personally don't go on shopping sprees to find samples. ok, maybe if i
>have an idea and i really need a certain recording that i don't already
>have i might download or borrow it or...
>but i'm curious, do others spend countless hours searching for sounds?
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