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Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 22:55:04 PDT

Tue, 11 Sep 2001 found illegal art writing:

>but i'm curious, do others spend countless hours searching for sounds?

i really wish i knew specifically who Hayward was thinking
of when he spewed that rant, but i would like to guess it
was someone more on the DJ side of things, maybe Spooky or
Shadow or the like. which is not to disparage either of
them, it's just that DJs do have this reputation for always
shopping for records.

I personally don't go out shopping for and buying source
material. Like with some others that have replied, a lot of
stuff just shows up. watching a rented video i notice a line
of dialogue that is particularly ripe for repurposing, or i
see a commercial or whatever, and i grab it and tuck it
away on the harddrive for later. occasionally if i'm
on particular concept for a piece i will go and purchase a
specific disc if i can't find something that works

but most times it comes to me. like a particularly
hilarious indian musical wobbly was showing me just
yesterday. he said he was going to send it to vicki. "i'm
sure she'll use some of it, i said, but before you send it
to her can i borrow it, maybe it will be useful to me too."

anyway, to paraphrase an old jazz saying, it ain't what you
use, it's how you use it - at least in this more
self-conscious, critical form of sample-based music. you
can scurry around mining for the rarest samples in the world
but if it's all just about simple collecting and displaying,
you might as well be a librarian or an antique dealer. or an
imperialist. if you're just out to wow the folks back home
with the exotic spices you brought back from the colonies,
then you've missed the point. or at least one point.

in other words, Hayward is right but he's probably not
talking about you.



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