Re: [rumori] linux question

From: evil destruktobot aleph null (
Date: Wed Sep 19 2001 - 06:52:43 PDT

> My feelings are mixed on this one. Do you really
> think a freely developed OS will be more user friendly
> than windows or the Mac OS? I think that's what it
> will take to get mom and dad to make the switch.

BeOS may enjoy a resurgence as an open(ish) solution -

BlueOS (suddenly MIA, but usually found at ) is a little muddier, but could fairly be considered a continuation of BeOS, also.

it's too bad apple went ultimately with neXt; a BeOS/Apple mutation is preferable by far to no BeOS at all.

BeOS is prolly the most logical and intuitive operating system i've used. my experience with unix and its variants has been limited, but i feel i've seen enough of it to pin the 'best in show' ribbon on the late, lamented Be's attempt at creating a better computing experience.


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