[rumori] Son of DMCA

From: Porsupah (porsupahATringtail.com)
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 04:29:23 PDT

  If you thought the DMCA and current CPRM efforts were fun..


  "For example, Rosen wants the protection granted by the DMCA to ISPs
from the infringing actions of their subscribers to be removed. If
the RIAA gets its way, ISPs will be as guilty of copyright violation
as their subscribers."

  "Vivendi Universal will be using anti-rip technology on all the
discs it ships from Q2 next year. AOL Time-Warner will do the same in
Q3 2002, following private and public trials with SafeAudio and
Cactus between now and then."

-- Porsupah
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