Re: [rumori] Son of DMCA

From: illegal art (
Date: Sun Oct 07 2001 - 22:28:28 PDT

> "For example, Rosen wants the protection granted by the DMCA to ISPs
>from the infringing actions of their subscribers to be removed. If
>the RIAA gets its way, ISPs will be as guilty of copyright violation
>as their subscribers."

That is horrible. Even if I was supportive of current copyright law the
results of this could be damaging to the point where it may be difficult to
even transfer files for which you own the rights. Maybe I'm being
paranoid, but if Rosen had her way we could end up in a world where only
authorized (by the RIAA of course) companies could actually transmit audio
over the net. I'm sure the major labels would love that since it would
again give them control over distribution, etc. The ultimate idea is not
only to control their own product, but to prevent competition.


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