[rumori] FW: Feds enlist Hollywood for spook theories

From: Sam Stephens (sam.stephensATfmg.co.nz)
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 13:01:16 PDT

This article is interesting in light of the comments of "It looked just like
a movie." about the WTC.

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> Feds enlist Hollywood for spook theories
> Reuters
> Oct 8 2001 2:34AM
> HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - In a reversal of roles,
> government intelligence specialists have been secretly
> soliciting terrorist scenarios from top Hollywood
> filmmakers and writers.
> An ad hoc working group convened at the University of
> Southern California just last week at the behest of
> the U.S. Army. The goal was to brainstorm about
> possible terrorist targets and schemes in America and
> to offer solutions to those threats, in light of the
> aerial assaults on the Pentagon and the World Trade
> Center.
> Among those in the working group based at USC's
> Institute for Creative Technology (ICT) are those with
> obvious connections to the terrorist pic milieu, like
> "Die Hard" screenwriter Steven E. De Souza, TV writer
> David Engelbach ("MacGyver") and helmer Joseph Zito,
> who directed the features "Delta Force One," "Missing
> in Action" and "The Abduction."
> But the list also includes more mainstream suspense
> helmers like David Fincher ("Fight Club"), Spike Jonze
> ("Being John Malkovich"), Randal Kleiser ("Grease")
> and Mary Lambert ("The In Crowd") as well as feature
> screenwriters Paul De Meo and Danny Bilson ("The
> Rocketeer").
> In August 1999, the Army awarded USC a five-year
> contract to create the Institute for Creative
> Technologies with a mandate to enlist the resources
> and talents of the entertainment industry,
> videogame-makers and computer scientists to advance
> the state of "immersive," or virtual reality, training
> simulation for soldiers.
> The entertainment industry brings a certain expertise
> in story and character, as well as visual effects and
> production know-how to the table.
> But one USC insider describes the ad hoc group as
> focused "on the short-term threats against the
> country" and said that Army Brig. Gen. Kenneth
> Bergquist had been heading the effort, which has met
> twice already via teleconference with the Pentagon.
> ICT creative director James Korris confirmed that the
> filmmaker meetings were ongoing with the Army but
> declined to elaborate as to what specific
> recommendations had been made to the Pentagon.
> A call to the Army's office of public affairs seeking
> comment from Gen. Bergquist was not returned as of
> late Sunday.
> Reuters/Variety
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