[rumori] PLU New For 2002

From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 06:27:25 PST

Greetings all,

Firstly, Happy New Year from PLU.

Some gigs coming up in the next couple of months, plus some yet to be
confirmed but in the pipeline. Also, we are starting to sell
mailorder only items from the People Like Us website. Oh, and a CD
release at last.

First, gigs:

14-17 March, <http://www.lovebytes.org.uk>LOVEBYTES Festival In Sheffield, UK
PLU has been commissioned to make a short film, "We Edit Life" for
Lovebytes, using found film footage and of course a slap of sound
too. This will be premiered at their festival in March. This is the
best festival that I've been to in Britain so far, so if you fancy a
busy holiday then book this one in. Full artist line up to follow
nearer the date. There will also be a PLU concert and artist
22-23 March, Oblique Lu Nights, Le Lieu Unique Festival In Nantes,

No website details up at present.

Friday 22 March
Big Stage
20h30 21h15 Encre
21h35 22h20 Michael Gira
22h40 23h25 People Like Us
0h00 0h45 Jac Berrocal
1h05 1h50 Blectum From Blechdom
2h10 2h55 Irmin Schmidt & Kumo
3h15 4h00 Fuckhead

Salon Music / smaller room on the 1st floor
20h00 20h40 Room 204
22h10 22h50 Portal
23h20 0h00 Jefferson Lembeye

Saturday 23 March
Big Stage
19h30 20h15 Greg Weeks
20h35 21h20 Elektroplasma
21h40 22h25 John Oswald
23h00 23h45 Thee Majesty
0h05 0h50 Etant Donne
1h10 1h55 Foetus
2h15 3h00 Rechenzentrum
3h15 5h00 Kotai + Mo

Salon Music / smaller room on the 1st floor
22h30 (tbc) Simon Fisher Turner

April - PLU US Mini Tour

Details coming up at the PLU site in the next few weeks. Definitely
to include Purchase College, NY and SF. Plus possibility of NYC,
Vancouver, plus Seattle or Portland. Juggling things around as we
write, all to be sorted in the next couple of weeks and posted up and
out next month.

Also, coming up - a rather great concert featuring some familiar
faces in London on 4 May. Cannot give details yet, but if you fancy
a holiday in London then keep your eye in this direction.

Merchandise now online

There will gradually be an array of precious gifts for your perusal
at this url. Can be purchased by Paypal, or UK cheque/sterliing.
The first mailorder only item is now available.

Recyclopaedia Britannica - selected works 1992-2002

Lastly, a selection of 10 years of PLU works will finally be released
on April 1st (ha ha), named "Recyclopaedia Britannica". On the new
PLU label "Mess Media", this will be available through Soleilmoon
Recordings, Baked Goods and we are taking orders from our site. More
updates follow nearer the time.

Cheers :)


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