Re: [rumori] a bit OT, maybe spam - scattershot remix

From: R. John Heck (
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 11:20:06 PST

Find a server and put your music on it: Public is the best way to go.
congratulations on the win;
too bad it costs, I'd be interested to hear it, but some other time.
Do you happen to know where that dollar goes?
Curious, John

>Hey all,
> I haven't posted in rumori before, but I've been lurking for quite a while
>and I love this group...
> on a related note to the Madonna remix thread, A friend (Ryan Smith) and
>I were collectively one of the winners of the Public Enemy remix contest
>that ran this fall -- the "scattershot" mix of 'the B-side wins again'...
>No found-sound/copyright infringment in my mix, though - so it's a bit
>off-topic but I thought somebody might be interested to know that a
>rumoriite won that one. Our mix is rather weird, and Chuck D apparently got
>a swath of angry emails for choosing it. We also did a mix of "by the time
>I get to arizona", but I couldn't get the ECC version out of my head!
> That contest was a lot cooler than these ACID things seem to be -
>creative freedom, co-producer credit, and hey, it's Chuck D!... And I heard
>about it on rumori, so thanks! to whoever posted that notice.
>here's an interview with Ryan and I on the Slamjamz site about our mix...
>you can download the remix under 'artists'/public enemy but it costs a buck.
>We do plunderific stuff too, but I'm generally too chicken to make it
> -jeff snyder
> =--scattershot--=
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