Re: [rumori] "bootlegs"

From: Vicki Bennett (
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 03:52:44 PST

Oh sorry Mark - correction, you were talking about the Cartel bloke,
not Osymyso. I should read before I write.

>>I enjoy the Osymyso and cartel stuff and know one of the cartel video boys.
>>He works for a video editing company doing final edits on MTV clips, which
>>makes the piracy of MTV clips a touch more piquant. He definitely hasn't
>>heard of Oswald or even Negland, coming from a techno background.
>Actually he has. I know him. He loves Negativland. Osymyso is a
>true culture jammer, of the American variety. I'd say that the
>other people I could mention in England doing sampling - Stock,
>Hausen and Walkman (RIP) and myself - have as much in common with
>the comedy/surrealist tradition ofd cultural reflection (Monty
>Python, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, and more recently Chris Morris).
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