Re: [rumori] "bootlegs"

From: Vicki Bennett (
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 03:47:47 PST


>The latest Underground Hit Bootleg TM over here is Are Friends Electric with
>a Destiny's Child a capella or some such. These are the bootlegs sure to get
>you in the pages of style mags, an ironic '80s cool with something modern
>and pop - and I guess that is where the recombination really flexes its
>muscles, in the transformation, not of the eighties electronic music, but of
>a trash pop vocal into something that is now 'cool'. The audience suddenly
>re-examining their blanket dismissal of swingbeat, the bootlegger knowingly
>more 'pop' and at home with his 'pop'ness. Incidentally, addressing Peter's
>naming issue, the style mags here have dubbed them "bastard pop" and

I think you've hit the nail on the head about this being the
sanitised version of what would happen with er... "what we do",should
be hyped. Or rather this IS what is happening :) The thing that I
find interesting once again is the how the same music can change in
your mind if say, The ECC did it and it is a below-the-radar hit, or
if The ECC gets a number one hit. I think the same way about cover

Perhaps the best thing that very catchy bootlegs can do is open the
doors, and for it to be accepted at last that we are all sampling so
shut up about it and get the attention back to the artistic content
rather than what happened afterwards. This isn't an attack on the
artist, it's just a reflection of the distractions caused by an
idiotic political/cultural structure. People should be getting
famous because the work is good!!!

>I enjoy the Osymyso and cartel stuff and know one of the cartel video boys.
>He works for a video editing company doing final edits on MTV clips, which
>makes the piracy of MTV clips a touch more piquant. He definitely hasn't
>heard of Oswald or even Negland, coming from a techno background.

Actually he has. I know him. He loves Negativland. Osymyso is a
true culture jammer, of the American variety. I'd say that the other
people I could mention in England doing sampling - Stock, Hausen and
Walkman (RIP) and myself - have as much in common with the
comedy/surrealist tradition ofd cultural reflection (Monty Python,
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, and more recently Chris Morris).

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