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From: Kembrew 11 McLeod (kembrewATkembrew.com)
Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 22:04:48 PST

sorry if someone already posted this... kembrew

Lisa Beamer, wife of Flight 93 hero Todd Beamer, has trademarked his
dying phrase, "Let's roll. The words, which have been used by George
Bush and others, have > > become a rallying cry in the war against
terrorism, and have appeared on posters and bumper stickers. But the
Todd M. Beamer Foundation plans to claim the phrase as its own and
put it on T-shirts and other merchandise that will be sold on the
foundation's Web site. The proceeds will be used to pay salaries and
other overhead of the foundation, executive director Doug MacMillan
tells The Scoop. He says the foundation is also raising cash by
releasing a "Let's Roll" album, which will feature the work of a
number of well-known Christian artists and possibly some top secular
artists, including LeAnn Rimes and Tim McGraw. He says he expects the
album to go on sale March 31.

source: http://www.msnbc.com/news/695096.asp

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