[rumori] Re: Rushkoff's new "open source novel" and OTE...

From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 13:41:01 PST

on Sat, 9 Feb 2002 Mark / Negativland told me:

>Huh?? Hmmmm. I still like his idea. And there is probably now way he could
>do this within the established publsihhing wolrd he is in without making
>that compromise. Certainly he can be inspired by "open source" and make
>what ever he wants it to be. Even if it isnt exaclty "open source" anymore,
>it still sounds like an good idea for writing a book. Maybe he shold have
>chosen a different prhase?? We'll have to see who good it actuually turns
>out to be.

yes, it's a neat idea it's just slightly mis-using the phrase.
maybe if he had come up with another name for it, like "open
novel" or something, it would be better.

to be more precise about it, the problem is that it's a one-sided
relationship - if someone ELSE decided they wanted to publish the
results and sell it, they probably couldn't, according to
Rushkoff's plan and the deal he probably has with his publishers.

What open source really means is that anyone can take the
contents of a work and change it, re-work it, revise it, improve
it, transform it, and put it back out into the world again. it
doesnt mean you can't sell it, it just means that others are free
to do what they want with it. "free as in free speech, not free
as in free beer," as they say....

>Is the way callers contribute ot OTE analgous to OPEN SOURCE?

I would say it's analagous, if callers are allowed to release
their own versions of the shows.

>They can do what ever they want to, but we still cut 'em off the once
>they eioher get boring or they dont work in our mix anymore. And what

yes, this is sort of like the way the maintainer(s) of an open
source software project manage development of the code. They may
get many contributions from many programmers who have their own
ideas of how to make the software better, but in the end the
maintainer or maintainers have to make decisions about which
ones, in their opinion, are worth incorporating into the project.
Of course, others have the right to take copies of the code and
go off an make their own spin-off version, and it is the constant
"threat" of this that keeps open source software maintainers from
becoming too high and mighty. everyone has the same power.

similarly, it would be interesting to have an OTE where many
other broadcasters all over the world are doing their own
broadcasts simultaneously, and sending contributions via phone or
net to Don, rebroadcasting the whole mix that he does, but also
free at any time to branch off and start mixing it differently.
Perhaps someday it will be easy to send separate channels of
the mix out to others over the internet, who would then be able
to mix those channels themselves....


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