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From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 08:06:39 PST

From: Matt Wand <hotairATgood.co.uk>
Subject: Re: News from the Hotairian Institute

news just in........

   the HOT AIR website www.simplesampling.com is now ever so
slightly revamped, actual REAL news and updates on releases are now
included.... AND most importantly given the current financial
situation and the ever increasing strain on the SHOP/DISTRIBUTOR
front caused by too many records being released. ( not necessarily a
bad thing but certainly a difficult thing for shops to adapt to)...
    THE ALL NEW HOT AIR VIRTUAL HOTDOG STAND...... finally a place
where you can get any HOT AIR item still in stock, by mail order, at
a more than reasonable price ( especially to those outside the UK )
just by tapping a few numbers from your credit card into an online
PAYPAL form.... so its up to the minute technological shopping at
the hyperspacemarket for YOU.... and its good old fashioned
schlepping down to the post office and returning with mouths full of
stamp adhesive for US.......... hawk....DANG!!!!!!!

buy direct and save the endangered record label ( alternatively, for
a quieter life.. sponsor a gibbon, after all IT IS YOUR MONEY! isn't
it? )

also something that may or may not have passed you by.... the release
of a new full length CD on HOT AIR by the new yet familiar SMALL
ROCKS... NOW AVAILABLE ....details below..

Small Rocks

5 inch Compact disc,full colour card wallet,

catalog no= airbrick 008

barcode= 5 029385 16127 9

tracks = 13,

1) Portable Theme For Granyte Works plc 2) Ronco 3) Muchachos
Gordos 4) Coprolites 5) Clodhopper 6) Rule of Thumb 7) Carbon
Dated 8) Buzzardpump Cover-up 9) Stalacloose 10) Cosmetic Ray 11)
Sedimentary 12) Some Minerals Have No Cleavage 13) Martian Housing


    Hard to pin down... Matt Wand returns under yet another
pseudonym,, with a collection of tracks roughly hewn from the very
rock beneath us... On the face of it this could be popular music,
but popular music made by banging large rocks together, recording it
into a computer and grinding the numbers until they resemble rough
diamonds mixed with gravel.
   this is definitely ''Missing Link'' music...
   somehow succeeding in bringing together Primitive Space Rock,
''the Cut-up Beat Technique'', Laptop Distress & the Archeology of
Ancient Video Games..... and more importantly getting them all to
talk to each other..
  This record is possibly also the missing link between the Totally
Misunderstood pioneering past of Stock, Hausen & Walkman and the
Absolute Unrepentant Future of Mr Wand.. As the title ''
Carbondating'' suggests this album has many layers of compressed
noise history, it sounds quite Unforgivingly Modern but every once in
a while a small piece of the Barbaric Musical past will erupt upwards
and present itself for the listener to test his Anachronism Spotting
  This is your average Anal Record Shop Assistants perfect filing
Nightmare, should it go under '' Pre-Savant Post Rock'' ? or ''HIP
CLIP 'n' BIP-HOP''? or '' Happy Nihil-Reggae''? maybe ''
ElectroCranial off-Beat Jugglers'' ? or perhaps '' Primitech Bitch
Hoe-Down '' well perhaps ''New Releases'' would do for a start and
after that just file under ''Hot Air'' the home of the
un-organisable and the un-reviewable..

  Apologies if all this makes the record sound as hospitable as the
surface of Mars after the Americans have made sure there are no
''Terrorists'' lurking there either...
  Its NOT like that at all , This Record Swings, it Hops, it burns
bright like Nicky Lauders Hot Hairpiece, it IS THE CAVE in which
several species of small furry animals Grooved with that Pict!!!
it's a Nasty piece of work very Nicely done...
Matt Wand is a Stylistic Mountaineer caught in a technological
Avalanche , He may well reach the top, we just don't know when or
Meantime the view from this ledge is vertigo inducing..
(Trini Boulez . jan 2002)

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