[rumori] more on (or MORON) proposed new rules for webcasters

From: Every Man (every.manATpressthebutton.com)
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 20:25:14 PST

>1. If this particular system is instituted, will
>ANYONE be able to comply with it? Is it genuinely

It's already been "instituted". The law has been passed by Congress, signed
by the president, it's on the books. The RIAA has been named the
administrator for licensing, and they may be willing to negotiate some
special terms for non-commercial broadcasters - that's the effort that's
underway now. If that effort fails, though, the basic terms of the license
(as written in the law) will be enforced.

I've put together some links to organizations that we should contact in
effort to make sure that college radio stations like WRUW are able to
webcast in the future. Hope this helps, and please take some time to be heard:

Your Congress people: http://congress.org/stickers/?dir=congressorg&officials=1

Digital Media Association: http://www.digmedia.org/contact/index.html

Library of Congress/Copyright Office;

RIAA: http://www.riaa.com/Contact.cfm , http://www.riaa.com/About-Who.cfm

NAB: http://www.nab.org/IRC/

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