Re: [rumori] more on (or MORON) proposed new rules for webcasters

From: Ken (
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 00:38:56 PST

At 11:25 PM 3/1/02 -0500, Every Man wrote:
>>1. If this particular system is instituted, will
>>ANYONE be able to comply with it? Is it genuinely
>It's already been "instituted". The law has been passed by Congress, signed by the president, it's on the books. The RIAA has been named the administrator for licensing, and they may be willing to negotiate some special terms for non-commercial broadcasters - that's the effort that's underway now. If that effort fails, though, the basic terms of the license (as written in the law) will be enforced.

To be clear, it's not instituted yet. The Copyright Office has made a proposal. Comments will be accepted from the public for another 9 days. Then there'll be another month for replies to those comments to be made, and a whole bunch of others things may happen. If the new regulation is ultimately accepted, in some form, it wouldn't be before May.

(Disclosure: I have now read every word of the proposed regulation.)

- Ken
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