Re: [rumori] tempering soulwax criticism
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 20:34:09 PST

Steev Hise wrote:

> our attention again the horrible Prodigy song "Smack my Bitch
> Up" in all its misogynistic ugliness.

The video portrays the agressor of the song to be a lady... great video
if you haven't seen it, all first person camera work, speed up slight
fish eye footage of all kinds of "bad" acts, until the final scene where
you find out the person commiting the debauchery (smacking the bitches
up) is the lady in the mirror. so steve what's your oppinion of having
Peaches's "Fuck the Pain Away" as part of the Soulwax dj remix album.
 who cares, this is the one interesting thing about these releases and
dj mix albumns in general the variety of musical territory they bring

for instance here's an online/cd mix which covers Hip Hop,
hardcore breakbeat, raggae, native african music, to some glitch and
paul simon stuff. The new Ted Shred mix tape 2 has Bjork to Ice T to
native Armenia music to bad brains and rice a roni. yes there is a kind
of consume and move on attitude to these kind of releases, but i'd say
it's worth it. listen to the mix and if something interests you, then
search it out to learn more. there is something subversive having a
major record label seaking out the rights to use a small label release
like the Peaches (with questionable content), and at some point there's
a difference between talking about smacking or fucking and doing the
actual act. often though the collage type sounds are better when the
mixer adds something to the mix by combining material which might
contradict or say something about the other song which is being played
at the same time. but these dj's are more about the sound, in the end
beat matching.

>some of their bootlegs are really quite clever. i especially like their
>"push it", which is a pretty great aggregate of salt n peppa with the
huh i felt the opposite, i didn't get it. but i don't know anything
about the Stooges, yet.

>" it took seven long days and nights to cut, edit, mix and
>re-edit it all together and it fucking rocks!"
that quote is definitely funny, to spend seven days and have some lacky
spend six months clearing your 7 days doesn't seem right. but if the
record industry wants to pay for this kind of human endeavor so be it,
let them rot.
Peter A Lopez


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