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From: Steev Hise (
Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 21:58:58 PST

on Wed, 20 Mar 2002 told me:

>The video portrays the agressor of the song to be a lady... great video
>if you haven't seen it, all first person camera work, speed up slight
>fish eye footage of all kinds of "bad" acts, until the final scene where
>you find out the person commiting the debauchery (smacking the bitches
>up) is the lady in the mirror. so steve what's your oppinion of having
>Peaches's "Fuck the Pain Away" as part of the Soulwax dj remix album.

this isnt just my opinon, there was lots of controversy over that
prodigy track and the band was totally unapolgetic and stupid
about it. there were many other bands even that refused to play
with them or talked to them about it and just got a sneer. i
read that the Beastie Boys were playing a festival in England at
which Prodigy were playing too and beforehand they asked Prodigy
if they could please not do that song because they objected to
it, and the prodigy guys were like fuck you no one tells us what
to do. so during their set teh b-boys made an announcement and
talked about domestic violence, etc.

(this along with their work with tibetan freedom and other issues
has made me come to respecct the beastie boys to a really high
degree. in that same interview they talked about how on their
firsst album they were singing about beating people and doing
angeldust as a big joke, irony, commentary, but these dumbass
guys would come up to them and say stuff like "dudes you are so
cool i do angeldust and hit women too" and they realized that
they were being taken in this way they totally didnt intend and
they vowed to think more carefully about the message, implied or
not, in their music.)

the video you speak of probably came out later after the
controversy and the prodigy thot they'd have a laugh at it all
and confuse the issue. doesnt fix it. the fact is that probably
a lot more people heard the song than saw that video. and for
months in interviews they were totally dodging any sort of
accountability, saying, oh it doesnt mean a thing, it's just a
cool sample we thot sounded good. i just think that's extremely
lame. when you're an artist of that public stature you have a
responsiblity. at least say "oh we're sorry, we didnt think of it
that way when we made it", and maybe "we'll donate something to
battered women's charity" or something. but no, they were just
typical irresponsible bad boys inspiring more bad boys all over
the world.

the Peaches song, I don't see a parallel at all. Peaches is
singing about a concensual act. She's fucking her own pain away,
she's not doing anything to someone else.

> who cares, this is the one interesting thing about these releases and
>dj mix albumns in general the variety of musical territory they bring

its not really that much variety, actually. compare it to the
variety on Plunderphonic, not even close. it's all pop music, and
mostly dance and soul, with a smidgen of trendy rock thrown in.

>search it out to learn more. there is something subversive having a
>major record label seaking out the rights to use a small label release

what major label, i was wondering. it looks like the soulwax
record is on a small belgian lable, "PIAS", which i've never
heard of.

>like the Peaches (with questionable content), and at some point there's
>a difference between talking about smacking or fucking and doing the
>actual act.

see above. when you're in a public position where people are
looking at you as a role model, as with all celebrities, you have
a responsiblity to not perpetuate evil values. period.

>at the same time. but these dj's are more about the sound, in the end
>beat matching.

yup. exactly. just keep em dancing. who cares what the meaning
is. keep on dancin', drinkin' and smackin'.


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