[rumori] quarter asked and given

From: Steev Hise (steevATdetritus.net)
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 14:05:47 PST

whew boy, mr. kennedy, what a rant! thanx. i guess i needed that.

i dont have a lot of time today but i will briefly respond to
some of your points.

first, to reply to your general critique that i am a "list nazi",
all i can say is, you should try running a mailing list sometime,
and see if you can please everyone every day. i try to strike a
balance so that the people that complain and threaten to leave
every time there's too much traffic or too much irrelevant
traffic don't all leave, and so that other people have a
reasonable amount of freedom to speak their mind about things
that fall within the focus of the list. sometimes I fail at that
balancing act.

to continue:

>Steev, weren't you the one who brought this whole ethics
>issue up on the list in the first place? You sorta threw your

yes, i brought it up, but in the context of re-use of audio. i
was displeased that SoulWax had sampled the Prodigy song. that
was perfectly, relevant, I think.

Then, I admit, the thread started spinning off on tangents. Peter
actually wrote to ME privately and mentioned that it was
off-topic, and I agreed, so we discussed the issue a little more
off the list.

I do make mistakes. sorry.

>As it is, I'm basically afraid to say anything on here (I know for

I apologize for creating that feeling, in your mind and anyone
else's. Thanx for bringing it up. I certainly don't want to be
that restrictive. At the same time, like I said, you can't please
everyone. I really really can't stand it when FAQs get asked on
lists over and over and over. So I may have gone overboard in
enforcing that rule, but I know many other people also appreciate
a list that's not swamped with the same old repetetive newbie

>We have to check your front page of news stories (once a topic was
>brought up here, the poster was surprised it wasn't discussed here
>before, and you said that was because you posted it on your webpage
>and didn't want to be redundant...which is funny because you have
>posted both on the list AND in your news archives before.)

yeah that is a rather sad inconsistency. I sometimes just can't
decide how to do it, or don't have time to do both. Any input
would be appreciated; Do people come back to the site often to
check the "recently" links on the front page, and if so how
often? would it be more convenient to just concentrate on
informing this list via email?

>When you are the FIRST person to reply, and you rip the post to shreds, no one
>else wants to reply in fear of getting the same treatment.

okay i will start trying to delay my comments and give the rest
of you a chance. I'm truly sorry.

thanx for all the kind words, too, Jay. i actually really am a
nice guy in person. too nice, probably. so maybe i overcompensate

>It always feels stuffy and restrictive in here to me, but maybe that's your

actually i'd like it to be sort of stuffy but only slightly
restrictive. ;-)

>I wish the great new projects being discussed on Snuggles would also be
>discussed here, but folks are afraid to bring them up for the same reasons
>I don't like posting here too often. If you want things ALWAYS to truly be
>on topic, you should probably make this a moderated list. I'm willing to
>bet you've thought about it before.

well i consider this to BE a moderated list, but it's moderation
via social custom rather than technology. Yeah, I could make
everyone submit posts to me and then i approve them, but i don't
have time for that, and really that is way too restrictive.

when it really comes down to it, you all really could say
whatever you want here. i have never thrown anyone off, i've
never even threatened to, and i've never blocked anyone's emails
or anything of the sort. all i've done is asked people to stay
on topic, and i've argued my opinions, perhaps a little too
forcefully, but it's really nothing personal, believe me, it's
just that i'm one of those people that likes a good hearty
intellectual debate. i value written positions that are
well-stated and well-researched, and don't value as much writings
that showcase sloppy thinking and mental laziness.

But, that said, I realize now that I've gone too far, and I thank
you for chastising me. I will endeavor to reform.



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