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From: Sam Stephens (
Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 14:41:26 PST

Possibly there are similar reasons for the popularity of Dictionaraoke and
the Bootleg phenomena - they're a "cool underground" phenomena, but have
instant recognition for a top 40 fed populace, are generally not challenging
listening, and are a fun novelty.

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> What, an hour goes by and no criticism from Steev. He must be away from
> his desk :)
> No really, I'd be curious to get people's opinions on this project. I'm
> personally not really into it (though I do host the files). It got old
> during the second song. However, the thing has grown like wild fire.
> We're still serving 2 gigs of MP3's a day -- since last fall. Over time,
> those are some pretty substantial numbers. Why is something so cheesy so
> popular.
> I would posit that it's "safe" culture jamming. It doesn't really bring
> up any specific cultural issues other than a general "We could get sued
> to redoing these songs". I suppose if you take the info on the website
> into account, there is some substance. However, on their own the songs
> don't really bring up any issues. John Q. Public just hears silly songs.
> Anyone want to comment?
> Pan
> On Tuesday, April 2, 2002, at 03:47 PM, Every Man wrote:
> > Also in recent issues Wire (the april issue) and SPIN (not sure)
> > covered the
> > all too amusing project: Dictionaraoroke

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