Re: [rumori] sigh

From: Jim Carrico (
Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 15:15:43 PST

>It seems like this Wire article is somehow hand in hand with the release
>of this "Best Bootlegs in the World Ever" CD which I just picked up, it
>features a lot of the artists mentioned in the article, (You too
>Mark). It's got A Stooges/Salt N Pepa clash, Missy Elliot vs. The Cure,
>Bootylicious/Smells Like Teen Spirit, Destiny's Child/Dead Kennedys...

I was in a "semi-legendary" record shop in London last week, and
picked up this CD, just for laughs - the sales blokes were rather
discouraged by it's runaway success, seems people have been coming in
looking for "any other bootleg CDs?" and then, finding none, turning
around and leaving again - "don't you want to hear any real music?"

brought it home and my 15-yr-old daughter and her friends are all over it...

record companies worried about the next napster are so far behind the
kids it ain't even funny...

-Jim C.

(not getting it dept: apparently one of the 'contributers' phoned
them up to complain about the unauthorized use of his/her
unauthorized mix -->? )
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