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From: emile zile (
Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 15:52:34 PST

marley's 'jamming' & the police 'roxanne' are sure-fire classics ;>

my first time at the site and i get the itch to hit <new_message> and send
it to my friends - meme o rama ..

> It got old during the second song.

reminded of a project by alexei shulgin, his 386DX cyberpunk-rock band ..

> Why is something so cheesy so popular.

CHEESE (pop) + CHEESE (online dictionary txt-to-speech) = TASTY YOGHURT .MP3

> I would posit that it's "safe" culture jamming.

how "safe" is any form of culture jamming?

big question. anybody want to pool funds to hire a PR firm to gauge public
sentiment to CJ?

is a street poster campaign "safe" because it goes up in "bohemian"
neighborhoods - who is the "converted" anyway ? everyone is implicated ..

to re-voice the pop-industry with these pencil-necked dry voice samples is
intensely political. i love it.

.. but that's what i make of it - it is impossible to structure meaning so
there will only ever be one meaning .. yeah? as soon as something is born
into the "trans-national post-media wet-web" meaning is up for grabs ..

> John Q. Public just hears silly songs.

if john q. public is sitting around with his friend jemma x. population
making cdr's of dictionareoke for his friend tony f. sixpack .. then great


cheers +

fyi: LCD-CI have a show this saturday night at BUS ART GALLERY -
expect some sitar, cats, theremin, microphone, amplified bucket + spade ..

_ ez

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