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Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 18:31:06 PST

Jim Carrico wrote:

>> It seems like this Wire article is somehow hand in hand with the release
>> of this "Best Bootlegs in the World Ever" CD which I just picked up, it
> I was in a "semi-legendary" record shop in London last week, and
> picked up this CD, just for laughs - the sales blokes were rather
> discouraged by it's runaway success, seems people have been coming in
> looking for "any other bootleg CDs?" and then, finding none, turning
> around and leaving again - "don't you want to hear any real music?"

Just so you know, that release is not in any way helping out the artists
who made those songs (no not those songs). and the people who are on
the cd, they are not sure who is releasing this cd.

here's a thread where there is some discussion

Peter A Lopez

anyway about that article in the Wired, unfortunately it contained some
bad information, the dictionaraoke track using Culturcide as a starting
point is a PRO-CLONING statement. anyone know the writer of the
article, Peter Shapiro?

and since were talking about booty:

%20 & M.E. |3007133 - Too Much Freakin' Going On Ver.1.0 (Thus I Can't Keep Up, So...Copyleft) - ReadMe

Ok so after listening to much of the music coming out of the UK Booty world (well i don't know if they actually exist but i download all this stuff from, and yet 4 of the final 12 were made by US individuals, i think), i found that there were alotta versions of Missy Elliott's "Get Yr Freak On" (which at the time i had never heard before), so at first i was like ok that's a decent idea, Booty the Booty people, seemed like a good idea at the time.

Here are the source files:
#. Top Tier Song Title By Individual : Sampled Tier Artist : Album
001. Smells Like Missy Elliott by Conway : Nirvana : conwayremixLP
002. Blue Eyed Freak by dsico : ? : spasticated
003. Love Will Freak Us by dsico : Joy Division? : spasticated
004. freaky girl by son of frenchbloke? : ? : ?
005. Take the Piss on by Kid 666 : homemade glitch beats? : Freakbitchlickfly
006. George Gets His Freak On by Kurtis Rush : George Michael : #3 Bootleg of 2001
007. Missy Elliott vs. Cutty Ranks by Ted Shred : Cutty Ranks : Hip Hop vs. It All!
008. John Peel Mix 18dec2001 by Mr Psyche : ? : Radio One (broadcast UK)
009. hard to freak on mcsleazyremix by mcsleazy : Strokes : ?
010. gold teeth thief (excerpt) by dj /rupture : Nas & Rickey Dog aka Bling Dog : gold teeth thief
011. never underestimate the value of a holler(vipee-pee mix) by Kid 606 : Kid666+ : the action packed mentallist brings you the fucking jams
012. Get Your Beats On by Fondue Meltdown : Beats International : ?

Special Guest Apperances
Mom from Tokyo Breakfast Pilot
Roxanne Shante vs Sparky D

Part of the Booty movements appeal is that it is a group of individuals combining different material into new forms. It's kids creating i guess with out the restrictions of economic pressure to enforce copyright ownership. If this is the wave of the future (where people who want to create, do create without burden of certain limitations, and often don't expect financial reward), as articles like express, why not attempt to apply these ideals to the music genre. So this track and all it's source information is free, just contact me and we'll work out a way of getting to you the information to use at your discression. anyway did the people of the Star Ship Enterprises worry about copyright, no, that's the future right?... Thus this is version 1.0 hopefully the next version, if anyone is interested, is alot better, can't get much worse. (i'm already kicking myself for not including one sample...)


more on Copyleft :

blah blah blah blah blah

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