Re: [rumori] People Like US/Wobbly LA date confirmed

From: Vicki Bennett (
Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 11:44:27 PST

Ah look, an inside glimpse at the rock n roll lifestyle, waking up
and not knowing if you're in a hotel suite or a hearse...


> Good score! Hey, lemme know what your plans are for arrival in
>NYC and so on... trying to make travel plans myself for next week,
>and I think I suggested I'd be picking you up from the airport,
>right? On the 9th? Hopefully I'l be ready to travel by then; I'm
>starting to panic now, heh. I'm sure it'll work; just hoping my
>hearse is in proper good tuned-up shape. Going to try to work on
>that today.
> Some other things: Looks like I'll be guesting on a WFMU show
>the night of the 9th, tentatively (Small Change's show at 11pm). I
>have crash space arranged with a friend who lived in the city, uh,
>somewhere, uh, I think, during the weekdays; I guess only the 9th
>and 10th would be relevent for us, huh? Since the 11th will be in
>Purchase and the 12th will be, well, somewhere else. It's kind of
>open-ended. Do you have someplace to stay figured out? The lucky
>thing for me is that I'll be able to sleep in the hearse with no
>problem so I have complete independence as long as I have a parking
> When do you leave NYC again? The 16th? I may have a chance for a
>last-minute show in Philadelphia after leaving NYC. They also
>extended and invite to you and Wobbly if you wanted to do something
>last minute before you leave NYC, I suppose that would have to be
>the night of the 15th, but I told them you'd probably want to relax
>that night. If you'd prefer the show though, I'll tell them.
>Philadelphia is only an hour or two from NYC.
> That's all for now. See ya!
>- Mark
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